Friday, August 20, 2010

Memories of Things Past: PART 7 of 7

The Seventh, and final, Emotional Centre is related to that fundamental question: "What is our purpose for being?" We want to know not only the collective purpose of the human race on earth, but also the meaning and reason for each individual life, the purpose for which you and I and everyone exists. Everyone needs a sense of their own life's purpose. Living without purpose affects us profoundly in the Seventh Emotional Centre; it is where we express our oneness with the divine. Not only do you have to have a sense of purpose in life, but you have to feel as if you can control your life and that it is in your hands. This centre also deals with attachment and detachment, and with the question of our facades, the outer skin that separates us from the world and sometimes protects us from exposure to the blasts of life.
This centre is also concerned with locus of control and creation. This has to do with who you think creates and controls you life. The vulnerability is the sense that there's an external locus of control that directs your life and that you yourself have little or no influence over events in it.
The illnesses affecting this emotional centre are multisystem disorders and disorders of the muscles, connective tissues, and genes. Any life-threatening illness and the end stage of any terminal illness can get you in touch very quickly with this centre and the need to connect with a sense of purpose and reason for having lived.

Our emotional centres contain contrasting sets of emotions, the powers and vulnerabilities which we must balance for best health. When an imbalance occurs, our intuition knows it and it speaks to us through our bodies in illness.

Seventh Emotional Centre - Power: A clear sense of purpose in life, a conviction that I create my life, a belief that I can influence events in my life, the capacity for attachment in my life

Seventh Emotional Centre - Vulnerability; An undefined purpose in life, a conviction that the heavens direct my life, a belief that things happen the way they should, the capacity for detachment in my life

Ask yourself if any of these statements ring true and see what side you tend to fall on - again, remember one isn't better than the other, but rather that we are seeking balance.

1) "I feel in touch with my purpose in life" (Power)
2) "The only purpose I can think of for my life is to exist through my significant other(s)" (Vulnerability)

In good health,

Dr. Stacey Welton, ND

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