Sunday, August 15, 2010

Memories of Things Past: PART 2 of 7

The second emotional centre contains emotions relating to our purpose. To pursue and acquire whatever we believe will bring us happiness - a career, money, position, sex, partnership and children. At the same time, we worry about individuating from family - about holding on and letting go. About gaining control of the outer world.
Located in the pelvis and lower back, the second emotional centre encompasses the male and female reproductive organs; the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract; the lower gastrointestinal tract; and the muscles of the lower back.
Memories and emotions stored in these organs have a dual aspect; they deal with our drives and how we go after what we want in the world and with the relationships we form as we leave the family and establish ourselves as autonomous individuals.

Our emotional centres contain contrasting sets of emotions, the powers and vulnerabilities which we must balance for best health. When an imbalance occurs, our intuition knows it and it speaks to us through our bodies in illness.

Second Emotional Centre - Power: Drives - Active, uninhibited, direct, go-getter, shameless
Second Emotional Centre - Power: Relationships - Independent, needed by others, takes more, has well-defined boundaries, assertive, protects, opposes

Second Emotional Centre - Vulnerability: Drives - Passive, Inhibited/phobic, indirect, waits for things to come, shameful
Second Emotional Centre - Vulnerability: Relationships - Dependent, needs others, gives more, has poor boundaries, submissive, needs protection, cooperates

Ask yourself if any of these cliches ring true and see what side you tend to fall on - again, remember one isn't better than the other, but rather that we are seeking balance.

1) "I'll do anything for you" (Excessive giving)
2) "I can have it all" (Excessive independence)
3) "No one will ever love me. Everyone always leaves me" (Excessive dependence)

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