Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Memories of Things Past: PART 4 of 7

The Fourth Emotional Centre deals with emotional expression, intimacy and nurturance. How we deal with and communicate what we feel. Linked with it is the emotional life of our partnerships, the intimate relationships we form with other individuals. If we are unable to do this, we set the stage for illness in the organs of the fourth emotional centre - the heart, the lungs, breasts and esophagus. They will recognize, respond to, and express our emotions for us in the form of physical symptoms when we fail to recognize and express them ourselves.

Our emotional centres contain contrasting sets of emotions, the powers and vulnerabilities which we must balance for best health. When an imbalance occurs, our intuition knows it and it speaks to us through our bodies in illness.

Fourth Emotional Centre: Power - Emotional Expression: Passion, anger and rage, hate and hostility, joy and exuberance, stoicism, courage, bereavement, loss
Fourth Emotional Centre: Power - Partnership: Isolation, giving help, giving, fathering, martyrdom

Fourth Emotional Centre: Vulnerability - Emotional Expression: Love, resentment and bitterness, serenity and peace, emotional effusiveness, anxiety, depression, abandonment
Fourth Emotional Centre: Vulnerability - Partnership: Intimacy, accepting help, accepting, mothering, nurturance, forgiveness

Ask yourself if any of these statements ring true and see what side you tend to fall on - again, remember one isn't better than the other, but rather that we are seeking balance. If you have been following along this series - isn't it interesting how we assume that one side is 'better' than the other. Have you noticed which side you give more personal 'power' to?

1) "I am able to cycle freely in and out of love and anger, grief and abandonment" (Emotional Expression)
2) "I nuture others more than I nurture myself" (Partnership)
3) "I am in a relationship where one person is always the giver, the other always the taker" (Partnership)

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