Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Memories of Things Past: PART 5 of 7

The Fifth Emotional Centre is associated with issues in our lives having to do with communication, expressing who we are, timing, knowing when and how to go after our heart's desire, and will - the way we assert our own will or bend to that of others. This centre calls for balance between expressing ourselves and listening to others; between pushing ourselves forward to fulfill our needs or waiting for things to come to us; and between imposing our will on others or allowing others to impose their will upon us. The organs affected by our ability or inability to do so are the throat, the mouth, the thyroid and the neck.

Our emotional centres contain contrasting sets of emotions, the powers and vulnerabilities which we must balance for best health. When an imbalance occurs, our intuition knows it and it speaks to us through our bodies in illness.

Fifth Emotional Centre: Power - Communication: Expression, speaking
Fifth Emotional Centre: Power - Timing: Pushing forward
Fifth Emotional Centre: Power - Will: Willful

Fifth Emotional Centre: Vulnerability - Communication: Comprehension, listening
Fifth Emotional Centre: Vulnerability - Timing: Waiting
Fifth Emotional Centre: Vulnerability - Will: Compliant

Ask yourself if any of these statements ring true and see what side you tend to fall on - again, remember one isn't better than the other, but rather that we are seeking balance.

1) "I have difficulty asserting myself at work and in relationships" (Will)
2) "I am comfortable expressing my point of view and feel heard" (Communication)
3) "I don't know when to wait and when to push forward when expressing myself" (Timing)

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