Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deet-free insect repellant

I recently went up to Algonquin Park for some RnR only to be met without any bug repellent and an army of bugs!

The Deet containing stuff was easy to find but as I've read my fair share of deet-centered horror stories, applying toxins to my skin wasn't particularly appealing.
I have been meaning to make my own insect repellent all Spring, but other things always seemed to take priority. I came home determined to craft something safe and effective!

After a few tries and a couple more insect bites, here's what I came up with:

Grab a spray bottle - whatever size you like.

Pull together your essential oils.

Here are the essential oils that I like to use:





Next, fill your spray bottle about 2/3 full with filtered water.

Add about 10 drops of each oil in the spray bottle.

Tada! It's as easy as that!

Spray on as much or as often as you like - just be sure not to get it in your eyes or mucus membranes - and also, test a little area of skin to make sure you're not sensitive to any of the essential oils before use.

Quick, easy, DIY project!

In good health,

Stacey Welton, ND

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