Sunday, April 18, 2010

We are what we digest

Nutrition is the study of how we ingest, digest, absorb, transport, utilize and excrete our food - and is necessary for our survival.

Unfortunately, it tends to be an after thought rather than at the root of health and wellness.

In order for food to be used by the body it must be broken down. The intestines do this job - they break the food down into small particles so that they can be absorbed. Normally, about 90% of the standard North American diet is digested and absorbed - however, stress, inflammation, allergies, parasites and some pharmaceutical medications such as aspirin and cortisone can all lead to increased permeability of the gut leading to something call 'leaky gut syndrome'.
What happens here is malabsorption. You are making a concerted effort to eat healthy and still not getting enough nutrients.

The key to resolving this, is figuring out what is causing the malabsorption and healing from that place.
You are only as healthy as what you can absorb!

In good health,
Dr. Stacey Welton, ND

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