Friday, April 3, 2009

HPV and its rising prevalence

The importance of regular PAPs cannot be under-rated. 
(As unpleasant as they can be!)
It is an important screening tool in the early detection of 'cervical dysplasia'. 
Dysplasia from the Greek simply means: 'bad formation' - it is a process that occurs when cells come together improperly.
These improper cells, if caught early, can be treated and eliminated. 
This is why early detection is so very important. 
It is when the dysplastic cells go untreated, or you have a very virulent strain, that they can accumulate and lead to Cancer.

I can't comment on why it is that there is such a rising prevalence of this virus, as I am not an epidemiologist. However, it is indisputable that it is indeed the case. 
The Human Papilloma Virus is controllable, but not possible to eliminate completely. That is why prevention is key. Practice safe sex and stop smoking. The carcinogens in cigarette smoke are toxic to the reproductive system.

Here are some naturopathic tools available to help in both prevention and treatment:

1) Improve nutrition - eat salads and colourful vegetables daily, eat foods high in folic acid (such a lentils and kidney beans), eat cooked tomatoes for their lycopene content, drink organic green tea.
2) Nutraceuticals to consider - folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and B12, Selenium, Fish oils...
3) Appropriately detox - the liver is the body's garbage disposal. Start there! Homeopathic drainage remedies such as the UNDA's or Reckeweg remedies can be quite useful.
4) Connect body and mind - Expression and communication with self and partner can be healing both inside and out.

In memory of my dear friend, Annie Poczyniak

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